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Re: Editfiles Considered Harmful

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Editfiles Considered Harmful
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:19:54 -0500
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On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, address@hidden wrote:

> Use CVS. Make a directory tree that looks like a filesystem, and
> populate each leaf directory with the files you want to
> manage. Either make separate trees per host-class or use class-keyed
> filename extensions in a unified tree, it really doesn't matter. Use
> copy: with checksums, not date-stamps, so machines which get
> installed after your latest config change still get the
> authoritative version.  Use a define=className in your copy
> directive to specify triggers for restarting the affected service
> daemon (remembering to pre-declare className with AddInstallables in
> your control: section).

I did this as well, it is interesting to see how many others along
with me have hit on the same idea of a logical repository that's
distributed to physical locations.  I guess that validates the need
for it.

The way I implemented this hierarchy in cfperl
( was to use logical names for files, so
the whole hierarchy wouldn't be stored.  So for instance /etc/passwd
is just called "passwd".  This is a pain when you're defining the
files, but you end up with very manageable hierarchies.  There are two
cases for file distribution though.  I'll show what I mean for a
machine "horse" of only groups "solaris" and "server."

"global" files are preferred from a global namespace before the
specific namespace version.  So if /etc/nsswitch.conf maps to
"nsswitch.conf" we would search thus:

1. ROOT/spec/server/solaris/nsswitch.conf or
(if both exist, that's an error)

2. ROOT/spec/solaris/nsswitch.conf or ROOT/spec/server/nsswitch.conf
(if both exist, that's an error)

3. ROOT/spec/nsswitch.conf

4. ROOT/horse/nsswitch.conf

"specific" files are preferred from the specific namespace before the
global namespace.  So let's say we're concerned with
/.ssh/authorized-hosts and map it to ssh-authorized-hosts.  Given the
same "horse" machine in classes "solaris" and "server," the search
would now be:

1. ROOT/horse/ssh-authorized-hosts

2. ROOT/spec/server/solaris/ssh-authorized-hosts or
(if both exist, that's an error)

3. ROOT/spec/solaris/ssh-authorized-hosts or
(if both exist, that's an error)

4. ROOT/spec/ssh-authorized-hosts

It would be nice if cfengine itself included this sort of deployment
hierarchy or something similar, but I'm pretty happy with it as
provided by cfperl.


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