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Strange Cfrun/Cfservd Behavior

From: Morgan Ives
Subject: Strange Cfrun/Cfservd Behavior
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:16:15 -0600

Cfengine Chatters,

   I use  cfrun/cfservd sequences to "push" cfagent executions on
  The only action in my cfservd.conf file is to execute cfagent.

   A strange thing is happening to my cfrun/cfservd runs under Linux.
   each client is 'hailed," a second cfservd process is started on each
  This  second process has the primary cfservd process (i.e. the daemon)

  as the parent.   Everything seems to run OK but the second cfservd
process persists
   after the cfagent pass is complete.  Later,  subsequent cfrun
executions fail
   due to the existence of this second process.

   I am running gnu-cfengine-2.0.5 on i686-pc-linux2.4.

   Is this a known problem or do I have a configuration error.


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