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Re: IPRange() on multihomed machines

From: Tod Oace
Subject: Re: IPRange() on multihomed machines
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 11:24:26 -0800

On Dec 30, 2003, at 11:05, Will Lowe wrote:

Which interface does IPRange() apply to on a multihomed machine?  Or
does/can it apply to all of them?

My tests (on a Debian linux box) seem to indicate it picks "eth0",
which is fine as long as it's consistent.

Which version of cfengine?

I submitted a bug fix for the network interface scanning code which made it into 2.1.0p1. I discovered the problem on an HP-UX machine whose only active interface was the last in its "netstat -in" output. Cfengine 2.0.7psomething wasn't seeing it.

You might do a "cfagent -v -p". If all the interfaces are listed in the defined classes then you're probably in good shape. Otherwise you're probably lucky...or unlucky depending on how you look at it. :)

Tod Oace, Intel Corporation <address@hidden>

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