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Re: updating users only in passwd file

From: Antoine Jacoutot
Subject: Re: updating users only in passwd file
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 17:31:04 +0100
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On Monday 05 January 2004 17:12, Ryan Anderson wrote:
> The new shadow password will be copied out when its changed (use
> checksum), and the editfiles will update the local shadow file. Does
> this help?

Allright, but:
- users cannot be deleted this way
- I can't use the master password file, I have to create another one

What would be great is to exctract the uid>1000 in the passwd file, then 
append it to the password files on the others boxes while making it possible 
to delete users.
I don't think this is really possible anyway; I'm trying to find a way to make 
cfengine behaves like NIS for users management and it is not its purpose.

Thanks anyway.


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