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RE: Module variables being set late

From: Wheeler, John
Subject: RE: Module variables being set late
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 14:36:20 -0600

>If you
> follow
> the suggested structure and use cfagent.conf only to import the
> of the configuration, then it never matters that imports are done "at
> end".
[Wheeler, John] 
I didn't realize this was a limitation/feature/characteristic/property
(i.e. don't read into the adjective) of cfengine. I have many nested
imports of cfengine some as deep as 5 levels. 

Is this bad? Will this fail with future releases of cfengine?

> You are just griping about minor inconveniences and misinterpreting
> results. There are two reasons why imports are done at the end: one is
> technical (it makes parsing much more difficult since cfengine
> does not have a separate preprocessor) and the other is that is makes
> the parsing predictable.
> If variables are not being set at the right place, it might be a bug
> in which case I would prefer a specific description of the problem
> (preferably without dumping an entire configuration file in the mail
> I am hoping to be able to do some work on cfengine in the next few
> so now it the time,
> Mark
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