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Re: Radmind vs CFengine

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: Radmind vs CFengine
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 01:24:51 -0800

address@hidden writes:

 % Well cfengine can also do the "Radmind approach". So its up to you.
 % I confess that I don't really know what makes Radmind special.

 The thing that makes radmind special is that once you set it 
 up, you just do "normal" system admin type stuff, and snap
 shot it, and then you don't have to think about it.

 And while it is true that you can write code in cfengine to 
 make things behave as radmind behaves in many respects,
 radmind gives a conceptually simpler model to work with.

 And that simpler model cuts both ways. It allows you not
 to change your frame of reference, so things are initially
 simpler. But it means that you can't change your frame of
 reference when it needed. 

 It would be a very good exercise (left to someone else who
 can think it thru) to create a cfengine process/script
 that mimics the radmind approach and then to do a comparision.

 It may infact provide an entry way for people just starting
 out into a using the system faster. The learning curve
 on cfengine is steep enough that there is a group who
 balk at it. 

 Lots and lots and lots of simple templates would 
 help at one level, but the radmind approach is interesting
 because it is a templating process in itself.


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