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Re: loss of functionality from 1.6.0?

From: Larry Bamford
Subject: Re: loss of functionality from 1.6.0?
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:09:01 -0500
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Well, -K didn't help. I use -I routinely. Here's some more interesting facts. 1. Setting action=warn works. I.e., it correctly detects and reports that the source and dest files are different, with or without the -n option set. 2. With action=fix, running with -n -d2 produces evidence that it detects the difference, but it still doesn't report it per -n. 3. With action=fix, running without -n does in fact make the fix. 4. I've had the same trouble with the editfiles actiontype before. The same is still true now. A dry run doesn't report editfiles actions that are needed. 5. Same case with the directories actiontype. A dry run won't report that a directory will be created (though it will report that it can't stat the directory that it thought it created during the dry run :-). I didn't go back and test 1.6.0 on all those points, because really I'm mostly concerned about the loss of reporting for the copy actiontype. I don't remember editfiles or directories having this functionality before. But copy did.
address@hidden wrote:

THere should not be a difference, except perhaps in the locking.
It might be "too soon" to see the effect of this if you run one
immediately after the other. Try with -K to ignore locking.
This is probably just a misunderstanding that comes from the
more consistent locking policy in v2.


On 15 Jan, address@hidden wrote:
Under cfengine 1.6.0 I was used to running with the -n option ("All talk no action" mode) before turning it loose to actually make changes. Under 2.1.0p1 it doesn't tell me anything with -n anymore. How can I get that information under 2.1.0p1?


Example on Solaris 9:

# cfengine_1.6.0 -f ./cf.main -n -I -D hosts
cfengine:larrysun: Updating image /etc/inet/hosts from master /net/nfshost/etc/hosts on localhost
cfengine:larrysun: copy    from /net/nfshost/etc/hosts to /etc/inet/hosts
# cfengine_2.1.0p1 -f ./cf.main -n -I -D hosts
# cfengine_2.1.0p1 -f ./cf.main     -I -D hosts
cfengine:larrysun: Update of image /etc/inet/hosts from master /net/nfshost/etc/hosts on localhost
cfengine:larrysun: Group of /etc/inet/hosts was 1, setting to 3
cfengine:larrysun: /etc/inet/hosts had permission 600, changed it to 644

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