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Documentation conflict, and question

From: Tim Nelson
Subject: Documentation conflict, and question
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:36:23 +1100 (EST)

>From the cfexecd reference:
 In addition, if you add the following to the file cfagent.conf, the
system administrator will be emailed a summary of any output:


smtpserver    = ( ) # site MTA which can talk smtp
sysadm        = ( address@hidden )    # mail address of sysadm
EmailMaxLines = ( n )                 # max lines of output to email

>From the sysadm information:
This is used in two instances. If cfengine is invoked with the option -a,
then it simply prints out this value. This is a handy feature for making

The administrators mail address is also written into the personal log
files which cfengine creates for each user after tidying files, so you
should make this an address which users can mail if they have troubles. 

        Anyway, I added the lines in the cfexecd reference to a file which
is included from cfagent.conf.  Should that work, or do I really need to
add them to eg. update.conf (which I have doing my configuration


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