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iterators in copy::

From: John Gray
Subject: iterators in copy::
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 18:06:31 -0500
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iterators don't appear to work on the copy stanza? This sure would allow me to reduce the length of the stanza (I have a number of options of each file, so it gets rather long).

I was hoping to do something like:

files = ( /etc/hosts.allow:/etc/hosts.deny:/etc/inetd.conf:...)
$(mf)$(files)   dest=$(files)

then repeat this for another set of files with slightly different options.

Over quite a number of files, I only use about 5 different sets of options.

Did I just get the syntax wrong? Is there another way to apply a bunch options to a set of files without expanding them all out?



John Gray
AgoraNet, Inc.                      (302) 224-2475
102 E. Main Street, Suite 303       (302) 224-2552 (fax)
Newark, De 19711          

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