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Re: excludes in copies

From: Phil D'Amore
Subject: Re: excludes in copies
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:28:49 -0500
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We maintain all of our cfengine-distributed files in CVS, and I do this:

   # CVS administrative stuff

Should be able to slap that in cfagent.conf, or any other file that is unconditionally read for all hosts, and that would clear up your problem permanently (substituting for the proper directory name of course).

Anne Cross wrote:

I've got some directories that I'd like to copy out recursively, but as
we're using RCS to control a lot of these configs, I'd like to exclude
the RCS directory and it's contents from the copy.
I've got the following line at the moment:

dest=/usr/local server=$(CFMaster) r=inf exclude=RCS/ exclude=*,v
and the "exclude=RCS/" doesn't appear to work.  The RCS files themselves
aren't copying because of the "exclude=*,v" but I'd like to not send the
directories out either.

Consulting the documentation hasn't given me any hints as to what I might be doing wrong.

        -- Anne

Anne Cross
Systems Administrator, Tufts University
"Change has become a constant; managing it has become an expanding
discipline." -- Queen Elizabeth II of England

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