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editfiles / miscmounts question

From: Ed Brown
Subject: editfiles / miscmounts question
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 17:47:40 -0700

Miscmounts will append an NFS mount entry to /etc/fstab, but if there is
an existing entry with the same mount point, the new one will be mounted
right over it, and errors are generated afterwards: "Warning the file
system /home seems to be in /etc/fstab already, but I was not able to
mount it." It is mounted though, twice in fact.

If there exists an NFS mount entry for /home, I'd like to delete the
local partition entry. How can I edit a file, based on a positive match?
BeginGroupIfLineMatching ".*/home.*nfs.*"
        DeleteLinesMatching ".*/home.*ext3.*"

It looks like there are only negative match type qualifiers.

Thanks for any suggestions,

(using cfengine 2.1.1, on RHEL3)

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