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Can not get key exchange to work

From: David Cress
Subject: Can not get key exchange to work
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 10:33:00 -0500
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I have two machines I'm trying to setup for development, sunman is the cfengine server, itsidev71 is the client. I've created keys for both machines using the cfkeys command. I've started cfservd on sunman, and it's listening on 5308. I attached the output from 'cfagent -d2' run on itsidev71 as well as the my cfservd.conf file.

Also, does anyone no the format for the cfrun.hosts file? I can not find a specification fo this anywhere.

---------- cfagent ----------
cfagent -d : Debugging output enabled.
LogDirectory = /var/cfengine
Loaded /var/cfengine/ppkeys/localhost.priv
Loaded /var/cfengine/ppkeys/
Checksum database is /var/cfengine/checksum.db
Job start time set to Fri Feb  6 10:22:05 2004

New server connection...
Checking copy from to /var/cfengine/inputs
Opening server connnection to
Connect to =, port h=5308
IPV4 address
Identifying this agent as i.e., with 
signature 0
SENT:::CAUTH root 0
Transaction Send[t 48][Packed text]
Attempting to send 56 bytes
SendSocketStream, sent 56
Did not have key root-
Transaction Send[t 61][Packed text]
Attempting to send 69 bytes
SendSocketStream, sent 69
Modulus (2048 bit):

Exponent: 35 (0x23)
Transaction Send[t 261][Packed text]
Attempting to send 269 bytes
SendSocketStream, sent 269
Transaction Send[t 5][Packed text]
Attempting to send 13 bytes
SendSocketStream, sent 13
    (Concatenated 8 from stream)
Transaction Receive [t 39][]
    (Concatenated 39 from stream)
cfengine:: BAD: key could not be accepted on trust
cfengine:: Authentication dialogue with failed
Closing current connection
cfengine:: Unable to establish connection with
Closing current connection

---------- cfservd.conf ----------
        domain = ( )
        cfrunCommand = ( "/var/cfengine/bin/cfagent" )
        IfElapsed = ( 1 )
        ExpireAfter = ( 15 )
        MaxConnections = ( 50 )
        MultipleConnections = ( true )
        AllowMultipleConnectionsFrom = ( itsidev71 sunman )
        TrustKeysFrom = ( itsidev71 sunman )
        AllowUsers = ( root )

        /master/inputs  *
        cfrunCommand    *

David Cress
Lead Engineer
CNN Internet Technologies
(404) 878-1921

What exists, exists; what is, is.

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