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syncing files....

From: John Gray
Subject: syncing files....
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 16:56:25 -0500
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We recently started moving as much as possible to cfengine. My original goal was to move everything I ever edit (at a system level) to be under cfengine's control. I've found however that there's a fairly large class on things that I modify sometimes but the system maintains automatically in some regards. /etc/passwd is a good example of this. I add users, etc. The system writes back new passwds when the user changes their passwd.

Is there a facility for syncing files in cfengine (I haven't been able to find one). So for example, when the passwd file has a passwd changed, cfengine would sync it with the masterfiles?

On a similair note, there some things I'd like to collect from the systems (their current package lists and kernel configs are two examples). Is there a nice way to collect those things so I have a central store of them. I want to make diaster recovery easier, in fact, that's largely my goal here, to be able to rebuild a system ASAP when a drive dies. I could certainly write scripts to do this, but I'd rather not have too many independant system going if cfegine will handle it all for me.




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