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seeking advice for integrating cfengine with Suse yast

From: Danny Rappleyea
Subject: seeking advice for integrating cfengine with Suse yast
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 08:48:24 -0500

Our IT department has decided to move from Redhat linux to Suse linux. We have 
a decently working cfengine structure set up for the Redhat machines, and are 
looking for advice of how to do the same with Suse systems. I appreciate how 
powerful Yast is for configuring a single system while finding it a bit 
frustrating not knowing *where* the changes are being made so I can propagate 
them to similar systems. I would like to keep the ability to use yast, while 
also using cfengine to do most of the configuration work. Searching through 
archives has turned up not much, so I thought I'd ask.

Is anyone out there using cfengine to admin Suse linux machines? If so, what 
tips/tricks/gotchas have you run across making it work? Any stories, advice or 
things to watch out for will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Danny Rappleyea <address@hidden>
Senior Systems Administrator
etrials Worldwide, Inc.

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