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FW: Cfrun fails to execute completely

From: Fabian Aichele
Subject: FW: Cfrun fails to execute completely
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 23:11:13 +0100


I am currently experimenting with cfengine2 on Debian testing/unstable.
Cfengine2 version is 2.0.9 (Debian package). For testing purposes I am
using the example configuration files for cfagent and cfservd that are
provided with the cfengine documentation, adopted to my local
environment. cfagent itself is running fine without any problems. But I
am stuck with trying to execute cfagent remotely via cfrun.

cfrun <target host> (target host and is the same host cfservd is running
"Host authentication failed. Did you forget the domain name or IP/DNS
address registration (for ipv4 or ipv6)?"

All involved hostnames (and reverse lookups) can be resolved without
problems, however.

Starting cfservd with -d2 yields:
cfservd: Strongly authentication of client <target host>/<target ip>
[...] User root granted connection privileges
cfservd: Couldn't stat filename  from host <target host>
cfservd: lstatcfservd: Host authorization/authentication failed or
access denied [...]

Cfservd obviously misses a file; but which one?

In cfservd.conf I have:

    domain = ( <my domain> )
    IfElapsed = ( 1 )
    ExpireAfter ( 15 )
    MultipleConnections = ( true )
    AllowConnectionsFrom = ( 192.168.1 )
    AllowMultipleConnectionsFrom = ( 192.168.1 )
    TrustKeysFrom = ( 192.168.1 )
    CfRunCommand = ( /usr/sbin/cfagent )

     /etc/cfengine *
     /usr/sbin/cfagent *
     /var/lib/cfengine2 *

I would be grateful for any kind of hint on what I am possibly missing.

Fabian Aichele

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