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Re: Bootstrapping

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: Bootstrapping
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:15:23 -0800

"Luke A. Kanies" <address@hidden> writes:

 % On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, John Sechrest wrote:

 % > So if I have a system and it has three interfaces
 % [SNIP]

 % The problem isn't really in getting a unique name for each ip address or
 % interface; the problem is basically that I want to be able choose from
 % which IP address I connect.  Clusters are one of the main sources of
 % problems here -- you have multiple IP addresses (one per cluster service)
 % that move around between multiple servers.  Each server has at least one
 % non-clustered IP address.  You'd rather connect out of this unique
 % address, but it's not really possible.

 But if that unique IP address has a unique name, then can't you just
 call it by that name? 

 % > If you can't, then one solution is to spoof the return address lookup
 % > by creating your own reverse maps in your own dns server for those
 % > domains.

 % Unfortunately, cfservd uses gethostbyaddr, so I pretty much have to use
 % reverse DNS or /etc/hosts.  And I hate /etc/hosts.

 Yes. But because you configure /etc/resolv.conf, you can point the 
 resolver to a machine that you control, where you can build the spoofed
 reverse DNS addresses. 

 A hack at best, but a possible path.  

 % This problem could largely be solved if cfagent could relatively easily be
 % configured to use a specific address and have a specific host name; then
 % you just create a mechanism for collecting the right information when
 % cfagent runs, and you should be good.

 Yes. I am trying to understand the boundries of the cfengine expectations.

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