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Problems with Authentication

From: Lance Albertson
Subject: Problems with Authentication
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:30:08 -0600

I keep getting these error messages on many of my hosts at random times.
Sometimes these errors occur multiple times for the same host at the
same time. I was wondering the solution to fixing this problem. I should
state that everything still runs and that our keys are placed in the
correct places. These errors just appear to be random.

One idea me and my colleages had was to perhaps add IP addresses to the
AllowMultipleConnectionsFrom directive of our hosts. Is this a solution
or am I missing another feature we should use?

cfengine:bar: Challenge response from server was 
cfengine:bar: Authentication dialogue with failed

Thanks for any help!
Lance Albertson <address@hidden>
Gentoo Infrastructure

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