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Re: Bootstrapping

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: Bootstrapping
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 14:05:52 -0800

What would happen if there was an external script that sucked the 
data out of ldap. And then cfservd was able to compare if it had

That is essentially what it is doing now. Reading the file if it

But you can't know if ldap has changed....

Unless you place a token in ldap saying it has changed and it is
time to update it.

So if you have an LDAP token that sits there saying it is time
to re-read ldap, then if your copy of the token is earlier than
the current token, then you re-read the data, otherwise you do nothing.


address@hidden writes:

 % >  % Now that Marc has accepted a patch to support returning lists from
 % >  % ExecResult, I will be able to have cfservd get the list directly from 
 % >  % (rather than having to import it), but I'll still have to HUP cfservd to
 % >  % force it to reload the list.
 % > 
 % >  Ok. I see. What would it take for cfservd to use a dynamic structure?
 % > 
 % The problem is that cfservd only rereads the file if the file changes...
 % it does not know when LDAP content changes....
 % This is a weakness of not having all the info in the file.
 % CFengine cannot read ldap for every file it transfers, so there
 % has to be some way of knowing when to reread the data ...
 % any suggestions?
 % M
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