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RE: Cfengine for HP-UX on IA64

From: Oace, Tod R
Subject: RE: Cfengine for HP-UX on IA64
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 15:26:31 -0800

> I went thru the source code and figured that a
> number of changes were required - in fact, I added a new class. The
> attached patches are for cfengine 2.1.0p1.

Thanks. I looked through them and it looks to me like the only
difference between what you did and what I did is that I treat any kind
of hpux as hpux whereas you only allow "9000*" or "ia64". Your way may
be more correct, but it adds a little clutter. I notice that the entry
for Solaris is "*" like what I did for hpux, so maybe that's okay too
for HP-UX? I'm wondering if there's some flavor of hpux that cfengine
doesn't want to support, or if it's just being cautious about new kinds
of hardware.

> The compiler option used was "+DAportable".
> This generate a single binary for PA-RISC 32-bits and 64
> bits processors. That would not give you the best computing
> but I don't think we need that on cfengine at this moment.

Cool...I may use that.

>       As for the shared/static library, I did it the lazy way. Shared
> libraries on HPUX has a .sl suffix while static library has a .a
suffix. I
> simply renamed the .sl so that the configuration and compilation
> will never get to find a shared library to use.

:) I was tempted to do something like that, but then I found the LDOPTS
trick to make it search archive before shared ("-a archive_shared").

>       Hope this helps. :)

Yes, thanks Chia.

I am hoping to see some kind of classes.c tweak for ia64 hpux in a
future version of cfengine. A comment about the HP-UX compiler flags and
having to install m4, bison and flex in the INSTALL file might also be
helpful. I could attempt a patch for that. Mark, any comments or advice?

> Chia Yew Lee
> IT/Enterprise Hosting,
> Unix Competency Center
> Agilent Technologies

Tod Oace, Intel Corporation <address@hidden>

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