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Re: (1)editfiles not working as desired (2) How to define your own class

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: (1)editfiles not working as desired (2) How to define your own classes
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 17:28:56 +0100 (MET)


I think you need to review your threshold for sending every query
you have to the help list. There is a perfectly good manual that
you can study, and the frequency of your messages tells me that
you are not giving these matters any thought yourself, just dumping
every little obstacle onto the list.

You declare that editfiles does not work on AIX but that is silly.
The problems you describe do not make sense. I do not believe that
you have correctly analyzed the situation. I suspect that the
reason you are not seeing an update is due to a non-expired lock,
nothing to do with editfiles. Also, why are you putting variable
definitions in cfagent.conf and editfiles stanzas into update.conf
(which gets run before cfagent.conf) ?

Please try to give the online help at the attention it 


On 24 Feb, Harish Chauhan wrote:
> Hi,
> (1)  I am not able to use editfiles class on AIX. I have the following 
> settings in my configuration files :
> cfagent.conf
>         control:
>                 editfilesize = ( 0 ) 
>         ...
> update.conf
> ...
>         editfiles:
>                 aix::
>                         { /etc/services
>                         AppendIfNoSuchLine "cfengine    5308/tcp"
>                         }
> Note : I tried remarking the entry in cfagent.conf for editfilesize and 
> also by setting the editfilesize to a  very large value. In both the case 
> my /etc/services file is not getting updated for the line. The size of 
> /etc/services file is just 45233 bytes.
> (2)  Is it possible to have a setup as shown below ? If yes, then how the 
> cfagent.conf and update.conf should look like.
> aix::
>         aix_4_3_3::
>                 ...
>                 ...
>         aix_5_1
>                 ..
>                 my_cluster_1::
>                                 ...
>                                 ...
>                 my_cluster_2:;
> The above classes conveys that in case the machine hardclass is aix, then 
> check for its version. If version is aix_5_1, then check if it falls in 
> my_cluster_1 or my_cluster_2. If the machice falls in my_cluster_1 then it 
> should do the following tasks or else check further down
> Looking forward to your reply....
> Thanks in advance

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