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shellcommands not executing - lock problem?

From: Kurt Lieber
Subject: shellcommands not executing - lock problem?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:30:56 -0500
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We're trying to use cfengine to run a series of rsync commands on our web
nodes.  The relevant syntax is:

    "/bin/su - gweb -l -c '/usr/bin/rsync -rltvv --delete 
address@hidden(_master_node):$(web_stage_html)/ $(web_html)/'"
    "/bin/su - gweb -l -c '/usr/bin/rsync -rltvv --delete 
address@hidden(_master_node):$(web_stage_images)/ $(web_images)/'"
    "/bin/su - gweb -l -c '$(web_scripts)/'"

Of those three commands, the first and third get executed.  The second never 

It appears to be some sort of locking problem.  If I run:

cfagent -K -q -v -t -Dslave_web_sync

Everything works fine.  Change that to:

cfagent -q -v -t -Dslave_web_sync

And it doesn't work.  (-K is ignore locks)

Trolling through the debug output of the non-working command shows this

cfengine:nue: Nothing scheduled for shellcommand._gweb._bin_su___gweb__l__c___
_site_images___var_www_www_gentoo_org_images__ (0/1 minutes elapsed)

However, it *only* says that for that specific command.  As I mentioned,
the first and third commands run fine.

Any suggestions/help?


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