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list item concatenation

From: Lev Lvovsky
Subject: list item concatenation
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 18:28:02 -0800

related to yesterdays questions about distributing files to a particular set of defined servers, I haven't been able to get anything but the simplest list to work - by simplest, I mean only one item is specified in the list.

the following works:
  domain = ( )
  LogAllConnections = ( true )
  AllowUsers = ( root )
  TrustKeysFrom = ( )

  smart_list = ( )

    /tmp/test $(smart_list)

however, changing smart_list to something with more than one item (leaving everything else the same):

  smart_list = ( )

results in all sorts of parsing errors when a connection is attempted:

Try FuzzySetMatch(, cfservd: Mixture of IPv6 and IPv4 addresses:

I'm really all out of ideas, I've tried this any number of ways, and anything more than one list item, and the system doesn't like it.

Also, even through the domain is setup up top, it must be defined in the list as well, or else authentication is denied. Is there any way around this redundancy?

any help much appreciated!

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