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cfexecd in daemon mode not invoking cfagent

From: Mark McCullough
Subject: cfexecd in daemon mode not invoking cfagent
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 11:19:58 -0500

cfengine version 2.1.6

Linux (RHEL 3.0)

I have cfexecd in daemon mode (invoked as /usr/sbin/cfexecd)

I checked /var/cfengine/bin, it has cfagent in it no problem.

Messages in cfengine resemble:

cfexecd[24111]: Couldn't connect to host localhost
cfexecd[24111]: connect: Connection refused

I have cfservd running, but when I try cfrun, I get errors like:

Couldn't open a socket
socket: No route to host

(Yet I can ssh to those boxes without problem)

Any ideas where to look?  
Mark McCullough <address@hidden>

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