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cfservd hang

From: Benjamin P Myers
Subject: cfservd hang
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 14:23:52 -0500
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It seems that cfservd hangs when a machine with an old version of the server's 
pubkey contacts it.  I'm running cfservd 2.1.6 on linux, the clients are also 
2.1.6 on irix and linux.  Things are better for awhile if I kill and restart 
cfservd, but I think i've tracked it down to a host that I forgot about with 
the old key.  I've replaced the key and that seems to have fixed the problem.  
WE'll see for sure tomorrow if my mailbox isn't full.  all machines are using 
openssl version 0.9.6g.  i wonder if that couldn't be the problem, since it 
has the same issue on cfservd version 2.0.8p1.


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