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Re: Disaster Recovery.

From: Jamie Wilkinson
Subject: Re: Disaster Recovery.
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 13:19:28 +1000
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This one time, at band camp, Tony Hawke wrote:
>I know that all of the clients can continue using their current 
>configs.  But as soon as I get the main server back up (restored from 
>backup or whatever,) they'll lose whatever changes have been made to 
>their configs in the intervening time.  This is a bit of an issue as the 
>systems we use here are somewhat fluid in their configuration.

How will the clients change their configs whilst the server is down?

If the main server goes down, the clients will use their local copies of
the inputs.  The inputs won't change because the server can't be
contacted, unless you have some out-of-band system changing the inputs
anyway, in which case you've got problems regardless of whether the
server is up or not.

When the main server comes back up, either the local copies will be up
to date or the server will be newer, and they'll update and continue on
as expected.


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