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import when ready?

From: Steve Wray
Subject: import when ready?
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 13:31:37 +1200
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I think I've found another issue with import, or maybe its the same 
issue. I'd like some clarification.

It looks as if any files to be included in an import declaration must 
already exist when cfagent is run, regardless of anything conditionals 
or anything; is there any way to conditionally import a file which is 
created when some other cfengine action is performed?

In the system I am developing, cfengine updates an svn working copy, 
then runs a script which creates a bunch of .cf files based on the svn 

For example, one svn property of:
file:mode 640 

I then use the cfengine copy directive to put the files into place,
and this svn property information is used to create an appropriate files 
directive in /etc/cfengine/

        /etc/shadow mode=640 <among other things>

What should happen then is, on succesful completion of the script which 
creates these files, a class is defined and *then* the newly-made files 
get imported. Is this possible? Or will I have to call cfagent multiple 
times, directing it at different files?


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