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Re: Solution for FreeBSD cfengine IPv6 troubles

From: Armin Wolfermann
Subject: Re: Solution for FreeBSD cfengine IPv6 troubles
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 12:01:40 +0159
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* address@hidden <address@hidden> [02.06.2004 11:04]:
> Just for the record, this is not cfengine's fault.
> It is the BSD code that does not follow the standards.

That's an old discussion (not to say flamewar). To quote the FreeBSD

| It looks that RFC2553 talks too little on wildcard bind issue,
| especially on the port space issue, failure mode and relationship
| between AF_INET/INET6 wildcard bind. There can be several separate
| interpretation for this RFC which conform to it but behaves
| differently.  So, to implement portable application you should assume
| nothing about the behavior in the kernel.

Armin Wolfermann

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