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Re: "Warning: Redefinition of macro" etc

From: Sami J. Mäkinen
Subject: Re: "Warning: Redefinition of macro" etc
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:24:29 +0300
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Armin Wolfermann wrote:
* "Sami J. Mäkinen" <address@hidden> [05.06.2004 11:11]:
  I have written a couple of shellscripts to "profile" certain files.
  The first case is to symlink a file, for example /etc/resolv.conf
  depending of a "profile" variable derived from cfengine.

Too many shellscripts considered harmful ;-) Most of the time it can
be done with cfengine itself, e.g.

      group = ( "group1" )
      group = ( "group2" )

   /etc/conf ->! /etc/conf.d/conf.DEFAULT  nofile=kill
   /etc/conf ->! /etc/conf.d/conf.$(group) nofile=kill
   /etc/conf ->! /etc/conf.d/conf.$(host)  nofile=kill

OK, then I have to redefine my groups a bit
so that they don't overlap as they do now.
This way I can work around this issue that annoys me most.

It still does not explain why cfengine complains about
redefining a macro while it should not. :)

-- sjm
"Pirättäkää. Nakkeletta nuallen rassukoollen peräkoijasta
 jokuja napollisia opaalia."  - Junttapurin maharatsa

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