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Re: The cf_lastseen.db file

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: The cf_lastseen.db file
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 07:58:09 +0200 (MEST)

On  9 Jun, Chip Seraphine wrote:
> Cool!  FriendStatus() looks like exactly what I want, but I can't find an 
> example of it in use.

I have not yet had time to make a faq page
> The Reference says that it "displays a message if hosts that normally have a 
> cfengine protocol connection with the current host have not connected for 
> more than than specified number of hours", which is perfect. 
> I do have a couple of questions on it, though:   First, how does it 
> determines 
> that a host "normally" has a connection?  Should I be somehow providing it 
> with a list?  Does it start watching for a given host after the first time it 
> sees it connect?  

It learns the expected connection interval - machine learning

> Secondly, how can I get the name of the host that generates the alert?  I am 
> assuming that my alert will simply contain the alert string, as per usual, 
> which will alert me to the fact that *something* is late, but not exactly 
> who.   

The alert has the form

cf:nexus: Host (answered us) last at Fri May 21 14:49:05 2004
        i.e. not seen for 473.11 hours
        (Expected <delta_t> = 325543123.50 secs (= 90428.65 hours))
cf:nexus: Host (hailed us) last at Thu Jun 10 07:31:03 2004
        i.e. not seen for 0.41 hours
        (Expected <delta_t> = 32.58 secs (= 0.01 hours))

You wll only see it in verbose mode unless it exceeds the aler value
you give. I am still in the process of fine tuning is behaviour -- hence
incomplete docs. The examples above do not generate alters normally.

> Forgive me for firing of questions to the list right away, but the nature of 
> this animal seems to make exploratory testing somewhat tricky.  You mentioned 
> something about an advanced tutorial that might cover FriendStatus in a post 
> last April (
> msg00110.html), but I couldn't find it....

Yes - if there is to be an advanced cfengine workshop at LISA, it will
be included.


> On Wednesday 09 June 2004 16:16, address@hidden wrote:
>> To extract data you can use the FriendStatus() function in cfengine.
>> To write your own stuff, you need to use the lastseen struct
>> in cf.defs.h. Look at the code in ip.c for the friendstatus
>> function and just copy it. berkeley does not have schema - just
>> raw data.
>> M
>> On  9 Jun, Chip Seraphine wrote:
>> > 
>> > I'm in a situation where it would be very useful to get cruncheable data 
> out 
>> > of cf_lastseen.db, but I am rather Berkeley ignorant.  Any good tricks/
> tools 
>> > out there for doing this?   Is there a schema or something I should be 
>> > looking at?
>> > 
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