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2 problems with FriendStatus

From: Kevin Matthews
Subject: 2 problems with FriendStatus
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:35:32 -0000

Running cfengine version 2.1.6

The FriendStatus function in alerts does not work as I expect.  In the
alerts section I have:


I get two kinds of unexpected responses:

1.  Host not seen for 24.81 hours.  However, that is
because after configuring the linux box with I then
assigned a hostname.  I would like to all references to in
host01's (policyhost's) cf_lastseen.db so that I will stop getting
this message.  Can I purge entries for cf clients?

2.  Not seen for 0.02 hours
    expected delta_t = 18.63 secs (= 0.01 hours

In cfagent.conf I have schedule = ( Min15_20 Min30_35 Min45_50 ).  I
don't know why the policyhost would expect to be hailed by this client
as often as every 18 seconds.

Is there a way to tune out the noise here?

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