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Re: anyone running cfengine2 on debian sarge?

From: Andrew Stribblehill
Subject: Re: anyone running cfengine2 on debian sarge?
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 00:26:51 +0100
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Quoting Brendan Strejcek <address@hidden> (2004-06-29 20:41:20 BST):
> Karsten Heymann wrote:
> > I'm trying to deploy cfengine2 on Debian Sarge and am having some
> > questions about the install-defaults of the debian package. Especially
> > I am wondering wether its default filesystem layout - workdir is
> > /var/lib/cfeninge2, /var/lib/cfengine2/inputs is a symlink to
> > /etc/cfengine and /var/lib/cfengine2/bin is a symlink to /usr/sbin --
> > makes any sense.

What would you suggest? I have to keep Cfengine to the FHS and that
means having binaries available from /usr/{s,}bin and config files from /etc.
Equally, I don't want to diverge too far from upstream Cfengine. At
present, I think this is the right balance between the two
requirements but I'll listen to arguments otherwise. It *is* ugly;
give me something better.

> > I have a lot of questions, if there is someone who is using cfengine2
> > on debian I'd be glad to exchange experiences.
> I'm running cfengine on Stable, Testing, and Unstable.
> I build my own packages for Stable, but currently I'm using the official
> packages for Testing and Unstable (though they are lagging a little).

Yeah; give me to the end of the week and I'll have 2.1.6-1 out.
Morten Werner has agreed to put 2.1.7-1 together once he's moved

> I agree with you about the workdir; I find the Debian defaults quite
> annoying. And cfengine doesn't have a good way of figuring out the
> difference between Testing and Unstable. Currently I'm using the
> following hack:
>     debian_testing = (
>         ReturnsZero(/bin/sh -c '
>             /bin/grep testing /etc/apt/sources.list >/dev/null 2>&1
>         ')
>     )
>     debian_unstable = (
>         ReturnsZero(/bin/sh -c '
>             /bin/grep unstable /etc/apt/sources.list >/dev/null 2>&1
>         ')
>     )
> Anyone else have a better way?

A module that parses /etc/apt/preferences and reports the highest
priority distribution for Package: *?

Andrew Stribblehill <address@hidden> <address@hidden>
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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