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${clientip} ?

From: Tod Oace
Subject: ${clientip} ?
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 14:41:35 -0700

I'm hoping to create a method to collect small bits of information from systems onto my cfengine servers. It seems like this will work fine but I'd also like to prevent systems from being able to clobber each others' bits of information.

I think what I want is to stash information into files named .../somedirectory/${clientip}/${infotype} where ${infotype} comes from the client and ${clientip} is defined on the server end. But I'm unable to find a variable like ${clientip}. I see forcereplyto but that's defined by the client.

I would like this in order to collect and analyze files before I put them under central cfengine control. I don't really need information sandboxes for that kind of temporary information, but there is some other system information I would like to protectection for. Stuff defined on the systems that I want persistent across system builds. Any ideas?

Tod Oace, Intel Corporation <address@hidden>

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