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Not receiving mail from all hosts

From: Pau Capdevila/Upcnet
Subject: Not receiving mail from all hosts
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:31:37 +0200


I'm not receiving mail from all hosts I've started managing even that changes have been applied.

I see something like this in clients' syslog:

Oct 22 11:59:50 ZIBOR cfexecd[1157]: cfexecd starting Fri Oct 22 11:59:50 2004
Oct 22 11:59:50 ZIBOR cfexecd[1158]: Lock lock..ZIBOR.cfexecd.execd expired...(after 1054/0 minutes)
Oct 22 12:04:37 ZIBOR cfexecd[1158]:  Cannot mail to address@hidden

What does this mean?

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