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Re: Problems coping a directory structure.

From: Russell . Conner
Subject: Re: Problems coping a directory structure.
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 14:58:13 -0800

The repository is not the cfengine config one, this is so I collect system
configuration files from all the clients to a central location.
cfservd runs on all the clients, and exposes the /export/repository
directory to the repository server. (web-nfs3)
Rimmer copies all its config files into the local /export/repository
directory structure.

Web-nfs3 is then PULLING the /export/repository directory from rimmer, and
placing it in the local filesystem /hosts/repository/<machinename> .
rimmer is <machinename> in this case.

Does that make more sense?

Russell Conner
Systems Engineer, VMS & Unix Systems
Health Net, Inc.

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What is the model you are using for your cfservd, cfagent-client

Do you have one central policy server that all your clients pull their
policy from?

If you have a setup like that (I think this is the most common cfengine
setup, ignorign things like failover servers), and you are trying to
have the clients copy data back up to the server, that is not going to

Is that what you are trying to do?

I am unclear as to the relationship between rimmer and the other

address@hidden wrote:

> I am trying to copy a directory from one machine (rimmer) to another
> the copy method. What I am trying to do is this:
> Local machine makes local copies of its configuration files. Then the
> keeper of repository will grab those copies and copy it to a structure of
> /hosts/repository/<hostname>.
> It is making the first file's "new" file, nsswitch.conf.cfnew, but then
> just goes to sleep. I have included the -d1 output, as well as a truss
> extract.
> This works just fine for one file, it is only when I try to do an entire
> directory structure.
> here is the line causing the problem:
> $(repo)/etc dest=/hosts/repository/rimmer/etc recurse=inf  server=rimmer
> linktype=none  backup=false type=sum
> If there is a flaw in my logic (hammering nails with a cresant wrench) or
> syntax (missing option? wrong option?), I would be a very happy newbie if
> you pointed out what I am doing wrong.
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