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Re: Problems coping a directory structure.

From: Russell . Conner
Subject: Re: Problems coping a directory structure.
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 10:25:52 -0800

I found some of the problem.

Kudos to Marc or whoever wrote the module image.c. I am barely C literate,
but I understood what was going on immediately from the code. Very nice.

Anyway, did a search in the code for the error message, found that
linktype=none or copy will trigger this behavior of not traversing a

 if (S_ISDIR(statbuf.st_mode))
      if (TRAVLINKS || ip->linktype == 'n')
         CfLog(cfverbose,"Traversing directory links during copy is too
s, pruned","");

Ok. But that is not what the documentation, "Cfengine reference" chatper 4,
section 4.11, page 57. From the linktype keyword discription:

"If this value is set to copy or none, symbolic links will be replaced by
actual copies of the files they point to. Note that for directories, this
option is ignored."

Directories are effected by this switch. Either a clarification or a
warning should be added that it is incompatable with the recurse switch.

The problem with encrypt = true working vrs no encrypt keyword still evades

Russell Conner
Systems Engineer, VMS & Unix Systems
Health Net, Inc.

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An update:

More strangeness, I set the encrypt=true switch and it started working for
at least the base directory. As a wild ass guess, could this be a parallel
process if not encrypted, but serial if it is encrypted? I am just

Continued strangeness: even though I have recurse=inf, it refuses to do it,
see this -v output:

cfengine:web-prdnfs3: Traversing directory links during copy is too
dangerous, pruned

current format of the command:

 $(repo)/etc/conf dest=/hosts/repository/rimmer/etc recurse=inf
 linktype=copy backup=false encrypt=true

My frustration mounts as I struggle to understand what I am doing wrong
here. Either I am not understanding the copy class, or I am pounding nails
with a wrench.

Russell Conner
Systems Engineer, VMS & Unix Systems
Health Net, Inc.

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