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New CFWiki Articles

From: Russell Adams
Subject: New CFWiki Articles
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 13:14:36 -0600
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I've contributed several new articles to CFWiki over the past few
days, and figured I'd speak up on the list.

In the Tips & Tricks section, I've submitted the following:

Importing Examples : Using import and classes to share common
                     configuration data.

Executable Configuration Files : Using shebang to your advantage.

Editfiles Examples : Editfiles in a reliable manner.

Managing Blocks of Code with Editfiles : Maintain a block of code in a
                                         file, instead of an entire file.

I certainly hope these are found useful, and that CFWiki can continue
to flourish. Please consider contributing content!

I welcome feedback, comments, and corrections!


Russell Adams

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