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Re: Order of Execution

From: Ed Brown
Subject: Re: Order of Execution
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:12:16 -0700

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 06:34, Christian Pearce wrote:

> cfagent.conf 
>     control:
>       actionsequence = ( copy shellcommands shellcommands.secondrun )

In my experience, if you qualify any action, you had better qualify them
all.  The above is misleading in that if you move the unqualified
'shellcommands' after 'shellcommands.secondrun' it does not change the
actionsequence. In other words, this does not work:

actionsequence = ( shellcommands.firstrun shellcommands )

Also, the only way I know of to be certain about actionsequence (haven't
used methods for this) is to only define it in cfagent.conf.  Brendan's
use of unqualified actions in the top-level actionsequnce (cfagent.conf)
and qualified actions in included actionsequences could be useful in
certain situations, ie, when you don't want to do something FIRST in the
included sequence, and when you don't have more than one included,
qualified action (or don't care about the order of included, qualified
actions, as long as they happen after unqualified (or 'any::') actions).


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