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Re: Unable to lookup hostname or cfengine service

From: Chris Kacoroski
Subject: Re: Unable to lookup hostname or cfengine service
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 08:52:53 -0800
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Be sure you have forward and reverse lookups working for the client and server from both the client and server. If this is working, run it with the -d1 switch to get more detailed debugging information.,



address@hidden wrote:
Hello All,

I am running into a rather odd error when executing cfrun that seems to indicate a hostname lookup failure or an entry missing from /etc/services. The hostname is resolvable via dns and the resolver order on the machines are ordered: hosts, dns. Other programs that use the resolver libraries are able to resolve the name with no problems(short name or FQDN). An entry for cfengine is in /etc/service associated with port 5308 tcp and udp. This error only seems to occurs when using cfrun; it does not occur if cfagent or cfexed is used. Regularly schedule runs also do not produce the problem.
The problem is occurring on Linux and Solaris alike.
I am running version 2.1.7p1 of cfengine on all platforms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

Following are snips from the logs...(logs are from client machines)

Linux RedHat ES3.0 /var/log/message
Jan 11 10:40:08 zoe cfservd[812]: Unable to lookup hostname (nosy.() or cfengine service: Name or service not known

Solaris 9 /var/adm/message
Jan 11 15:39:58 mccoy cfservd[363]: [ID 823470 daemon.error] Unable to lookup hostname (nosy.() or cfengine service: host/servname not known


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