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Re: Declare domain by IPRange

From: Ralph Angenendt
Subject: Re: Declare domain by IPRange
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 13:41:56 +0100
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Brian E. Seppanen wrote:
> However is is possible to declare more than a single IP Range to a set 
> domain?
> What I mean is can I do something similar to
> Split         = ( " " )
> domain1 = ( IPRange( )
> or 
> domain1 = ( IPRange( IPRange( )

I do this to declare the Hosts which are on our internal network
( - - and set the internal domain accordingly:

IPRange( IPRange( )

    domain = (

The above cidr notation seems to be the most simple notation to describe
our network.

You might probably be able to use domain1 = ( IPRange( )
though with your example. 

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