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Re: New CFEngine User

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: New CFEngine User
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 11:31:44 -0800

"David Masterson" <address@hidden> writes:

 % Well, not exactly, but I've been away from it for several years, so it's =
 % like I'm starting over.  My first problem is finding a tarball to =
 % download.

 % I went to and followed the "Download CFEngine" link.  =
 % That took me to a page that showed four repositories for downloading =
 % cfengine from.  However, any of the four links that I click on takes me to =
 % a mirror of the home page which, essentially, puts me =
 % into a recursive loop (go to download, ...).  Something's wrong here...

 I am sorry. We are working to get a new site up and going
 and have left the old site a bi.t 

 % I then tried clicking on the version 2.1.13 link on the download page, but =
 % that didn't work for me originally (it seems to be working for me now -- I =
 % guess was having problems).  I also noticed that there is a =
 % CFEngine project under SourceForge, but nothing seems to be going on =
 % there.  Perhaps the website should explain a little more clearly where to =
 % get CFEngine on the front page.

 Yes, we are starting to put the new stuff up on sourceforge.

 It looks like the SVN repository is making progress and
 we will be able to do something with it soon.

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