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Re: cfservd.conf variable length

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: cfservd.conf variable length
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 05:42:10 +0100
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Quoting "Brian E. Seppanen" <address@hidden>:

> I have a variable definition in my cfservd.conf v2.1.10
> in which I will generalize a bit
> control:
> Split         = (" ")
> hostlist      = (" + 129More Unique IP's)
> dirs          = ("/var/cfengine /export/home")
> grant:
>         $(dirs) $(hostlist)
> Access Controls were not working for the 128th IP.   When I moved the 
> 128th IP to the front of the list the Access Controls started to work 
> again.
> So at some point it would appear my hostlist is being internally 
> truncated.
> Is there some method of know where?   how?   And how I can work around 
> this?  

Cfengine does not allow macros longer than 2048 bytes. I would guess that
if you are n a NAT 192.168 or non-routable segment, that you could
simply grant access to this whole network without difficulty? If not, you
could simply split it into two or more host lists.

$(dirs) $(hostlist1) $(hostlist2)

in fact, since you are not using this list for anything else, you don't
need it to be in a variable at all. Why not just put it in the grant list?


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