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Re: Disconnected laptop CFEngine ?

From: Pe5kyTac0
Subject: Re: Disconnected laptop CFEngine ?
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 12:48:56 -0800
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While I have not tried this, perhaps the following could work.
NY and SJ would have it's own DNS server and it's own cfservd
server. Each cfservd server would have it's own cfagent.conf file,
and relevant configuration files. The assuming the host name of each
cfservd server is "cfserver" the DNS per network will reference the
host name "cfserver" to an address on the local network and not
propagate the changes to other DNS servers. This would allow
the update.conf file to list one domain name but it would address
a different server per each network.

Then update.conf on the laptop could request the latest cfagent.conf file. Hence if you have a different cfagent.conf file per network, then if would always pull the latest in each network you connect. This would assume that you are using DHCP also on the laptop so it can get
the current network's DNS info.

In general since the cfagent.conf file is parsed locally and does not
depend on the cfservd (unless you need to update files) it should otherwise be ok while away from the network. One issue may be if your laptop is configured to forward syslog info to another syslog server. You may want to write a script to check if the syslog server can be reached. If not, disable remote syslog. Then
when the laptop reaches the new network, the new cfagent.conf file can
update the location of the remote syslog server and reenable the ability to forward syslog.


David Masterson wrote:
Has anyone done anything with CFEngine in an environment where many of your 
systems are (Linux) laptops that are potentially disconnected from your network 
from time to time?  Are there issues associated with it?  What if the laptop 
migrates from place to place (that is, today it's connected to the SJ network 
whereas tomorrow it's connect to the NY network)?

I'm starting to consider such an environment and wondering about the gotchas.

David Masterson
Symbol Technologies

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