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issue with filters

From: John S. J. Anderson
Subject: issue with filters
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:51:32 -0500
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  I'm having a filter problem. 

  My objective is to set up a 'tidy' action that removes files from
  /tmp that haven't been accessed in 10 days, that are owned by either
  'www' or group 'foo'. (That's "older than 10 days AND ( owner=www OR
  group=foo )".)

  So I figured I'd be using something that looks like this:

    /tmp       pat=*  age=10 filter=wwwfoo r=inf rmdirs=true inform=true

  { wwwfoo
    Owner:  "www"
    Group:  "foo"

  In order to test that this wouldn't do something crazy, I put in the
  filter above, and added this temporary stanza to 'files':

    /tmp       filter=wwwfoo action=alert r=inf

  Unfortunately, that's alerting on every file under /tmp.

  Clearly, something is wrong with the filter. What, I have no
  idea. Other things I have tried:

{ wwwfoo
  Owner: "www"

{ wwwfoo
  Owner: "www"
  Group: "foo"
  Result: Owner|Group

  Version 2.0.7p3; running on Linux. Any help, even if it's just a
  pointer to more documentation on filters, would be appreciated. I
  can't seem to get my head around how they're supposed to work. 

John S J Anderson, Ph.D.         [ Contractor ]     +1.301.402.7499
Chief Penguin Herder & Linux Team Lead, Systems Group, NCBI/NLM/NIH
"Acquire the habit of reading specs and talking to your peers."
        - Per Cederqvist, _Version Management with CVS_

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