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$(host) getting set to the wrong value

From: Judith Lebzelter
Subject: $(host) getting set to the wrong value
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 14:02:24 -0800 (PST)


We run cfagent(2.1.10) as part of an installation using 'systemimager'.  
The $(host) variable is getting the wrong value.  The string it is 
getting seems to be the name of the temporary boot system from 
systemimager (SystemImager-autoinstall-system) rather than the system 
name that DHCP already knows about at that point (testdev2-002).

Here is the beginning of the output from the run showing the incorrect 
host name:

Reference time set to Wed Feb 16 18:00:17 2005

GNU Configuration Engine -
Free Software Foundation 1994-
Donated by Mark Burgess, Faculty of Engineering,
Oslo University College, 0254 Oslo, Norway


Host name is: SystemImager-autoinstall-system
Operating System Type is linux
Operating System Release is 2.6.7
Architecture = i686


These scripts work just fine on other distros ( RH-9.0, Suse-9.2)  but not 
on Gentoo.  Also, once the newly installed system is rebooted, the scripts 
do get the correct name, but this needs to work properly the first time.

How is this variable being set by cfagent?  Can (and should) I over-ride 
the $(host) value on the command line?  I cannot seem to find it in the 


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