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Re: Step by Step Startup ??

From: David Douthitt
Subject: Re: Step by Step Startup ??
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 14:18:11 -0600
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David Masterson wrote:
Is there a good step by step startup guide for getting CFEngine up
and running?  I note the following issues:

1. The "Getting started" section in the cfengine-Tutorial seems
written from the point that you have CFEngine installed and running
and are looking to better understand what to do next.  I'm looking
for more on the steps after "make install", but before you get
cfengine running.

2. The "Getting started" guide at the following URL sort of works for
me, but is not very clear on some things and there is no information
on what to do if you run into a problem.  This would be an excellent
thing to move (or copy) to the Wiki so that it could be more easily
commented on and updated to provide the information people want.

By the way, is there a planned organization for the Wiki or are you
just going to let it grow as needed?  Where would be a good place to
put information for "Getting Started"?

I've been working at clarifying the documentation included with CFengine. I would recommend that people don't focus on the Wiki only. What are going to do if cfengine makes your Internet gateway die and you're stuck off the net?

Or maybe you're having problems during a business recovery and it has to do with CFengine and you've no network yet?

Or what if you're on the plane to Rio de Janero and need something to read?

As for the docs, it sounds like a "What Do I Do Now?" section would be good - an after install section.

David Douthitt
UNIX System Administrator
Linux+, LPIC-1, RHCE
HP-UX, Unixware, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD

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