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Re: Step by Step Startup ??

From: Dave Thacker
Subject: Re: Step by Step Startup ??
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:14:58 -0600
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On Friday 18 February 2005 11:58, David Masterson wrote:
> Boy, I am getting rusty in my old age...
> Is there a good step by step startup guide for getting CFEngine up and
> running?  I note the following issues:
> 1. The "Getting started" section in the cfengine-Tutorial seems written
> from the point that you have CFEngine installed and running and are looking
> to better understand what to do next.  I'm looking for more on the steps
> after "make install", but before you get cfengine running.
> 2. The "Getting started" guide at the following URL sort of works for me,
> but is not very clear on some things and there is no information on what to
> do if you run into a problem.  This would be an excellent thing to move (or
> copy) to the Wiki so that it could be more easily commented on and updated
> to provide the information people want.
> By the way, is there a planned organization for the Wiki or are you just
> going to let it grow as needed?  Where would be a good place to put
> information for "Getting Started"?
> David Masterson
> Symbol Technologies

I haven't found one.  I'm going to keep track of my startup experiences and 
let people throw bricks at the result.   I'll post them on the wiki, and if 
the wiki folks want them moved/edited/deleted they can do so.  

I have found some helpful info in the book "Automating Unix and Linux 
Administration" by Kirk Bauer.  Apress  ISBN 1-59059-212-3.
Chapter 6 does a fair walkthrough of cfengine.   I used it to get my testbed 


Dave Thacker
Senior Systems Administrator
Omni Hotels Reservation Center
V:402-952-6535 F:402-334-8013 M: 402-981-4613 (24/7)

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