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cfrun: question about the output for unreachable hosts

From: Moritz Bunkus
Subject: cfrun: question about the output for unreachable hosts
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 10:59:09 +0100
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I've got cfengine 2.1.10 running on a couple of Debian machines
here. Not all are running 24/7 (the workstations). The usual thing.

Everything is fine. I'm just a bit confused about cfrun's output if a
host is unrechable. Example:

0 address@hidden:/home/mbunkus$ cfrun ls-bs-ws3
cfrun(0):         .......... [ Hailing ] .......... Couldn't open a socket socket: No route to host

ls-bs-ws3 is indeed down, but why does cfrun use ls-bs-si2... as the
host name in this case? This gets even more confusing when I run cfrun
without any argument and it iterates through all hosts in
cfrun.hosts. For each unreachable host it just prints the two lines
shown above, and I have no clue whatsoever which hosts are actually

So. Is this the intended behaviour? If yes, then why (probably because I
don't fully understand how cfengine works; but that information above is
useless and misleading)? If not, has this bug been fixed already? The
ChangeLog for 2.1.13 does not mention anything in that direction, and I
don't really want to install from source only for trying, and the
packages in Debian/testing are at 2.1.10.

Thanks for your help.


LINET Services GbR

Gotenweg 15                      Tel.: 0531-280 191 71
38106 Braunschweig               Fax.: 0531-280 191 72

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