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Re: Patch to add install action to packages:

From: Mark Burgess
Subject: Re: Patch to add install action to packages:
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:16:48 +0100
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I was trying to use this on SuSE recently, whihc also uses RPM but it does not
work because the package naming convention is different, There is clearly
a lot to be done on the matter of package management,


> Phil D'Amore wrote:
> > I used RPM as an example here, but all three supported package managers
> > *should* work.  You can actually use more than one package manager at
> > once, since each keeps its own to-be-installed list.  If folks could
> > test the Debian and Sun parts of this, it'd be greatly appreciated, as I
> > don't really have the facilities to do so ;).  Most of the code for this
> > is package manager agnostic, except for the part that decides which
> > variable to read for the install command (RPMInstallCommand,
> > DPKGInstallCommand, SUNInstallCommand), so I'm expecting it will Just
> > Work (tm).
> I realize that I'm not up to speed on the packages section and its 
> support - but there are more than three package formats.
> Beyond the three listed above, I can think of several:
> * HP-UX software depots
> * FreeBSD packages
> * Slackware packages
> And this doesn't account for alternative installation programs, although 
> that may not be relevant - RPMInstall command could be set to "apt-get 
> install" for instance.
> However, I find the names "RPMInstallCommand" et al to be just ghastly. 
>   What if RPM is phased out and replaced with the new name 
> FooBarPackageMgr?  What if someone installs RPM on a SUN machine?  What 
> if someone installs RPM onto Debian and uses it?  More importantly, how 
> are you EVER going to be able to get ALL package managers represented?
> The commands ought to be package manager neutral, should they not?
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