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2.1.13 seeing more interfaces then I actually have

From: Harry Hoffman
Subject: 2.1.13 seeing more interfaces then I actually have
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 09:57:48 -0400
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Hi All,

running freebsd-5.3 and cfengine 2.1.3 (from ports). Cfengine is reporting more network interfaces then I actually have. Doesn't seem to really affect anything just an oddity I thought I'd report.

Could this be from use of netgraph?


here's the output:

Setting cfengine new port to 5308
Setting cfengine old port to 5308
Reference time set to Mon May  2 09:32:10 2005

GNU Configuration Engine -
Free Software Foundation 1994-
Donated by Mark Burgess, Faculty of Engineering,
Oslo University College, 0254 Oslo, Norway


Host name is: myhost.domain.tld
Operating System Type is freebsd
Operating System Release is 5.3-RELEASE-p10
Architecture = i386

Using internal soft-class freebsd for host freebsd

The time is now Mon May  2 09:32:10 2005
Address given by nameserver:
Interface 1: ti0
Interface 2: ti0
Interface 3: bge0
Interface 4: bge0
Interface 5: bge0
Interface 6: bge1
Interface 7: bge1
Interface 8: ti1
Interface 9: ti1
Interface 10: lo0
Interface 11: lo0
Interface 12: lo0
Interface 13: lo0
Interface 14: ngeth0
Interface 15: ngeth0

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