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From: Josh Smith
Subject: Questionnaire
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 16:23:03 -0700

The questionnaire is not (IMHO) very good. It contains lots of spelling
and grammatical errors, has various parts not in English (although it's
usually easy to guess what they say), has many questions that can't be
answered clearly (do I trust SSH or cfservd more? I could measure this if
only I hadn't lost my trust-o-meter), makes incorrect assumptions about my
environment (e.g. I don't use cfengine's "pull-only architecture", so I
guess I've never had problems using it, but answering "no" there seems
misleading), changes scales in somewhat random fashion (some questions are
1 - 3, some are 1 - 5), etc.

I filled it out anyway, but I wasn't impressed.

                                      -Josh (address@hidden)

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